Full time winter season activities director with over 50 activity coordinators, one for each Desert Palms activity. All our buildings are wheelchair accessible.

      Indoor Activities include:

  • Model Railroading

  • Wood carving

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Board and card games

  • Texas Hold 'Em

  • Stretch and exercise programs

  • Line dancing

  • Billiards

  • Bingo

  • Card making classes

  • Beading classes

  • Quilting

Desert Palms has an expansive activities program for an organization of our modest size.  The diagram immediately below is a sample copy of the reverse side of the Desert Palms monthly calendar which identifies predictably recurring functions during the winter season.  Most of these start early in November and continue until late March.  Note that some outdoor activities are included in this schedule because they also exist as predictably recurring activities.


Hobby Shop (2).jpg

A few pictures of serious times at the Woodcarving end of the Hobby Shop and a group picture of carvers displaying their achievements.  A Master Woodcarver is available most days of the week to help any level of interested participant.   There also seems to be lots of time for telling both tall and not so tall tales that have nothing to do with woodcarving. 

20190205_140515 (1).jpg
20190205_140550 (1).jpg


Desert Palms is fortunate to have Pauline Joarnt direct gourd carving activities in our Hobby Shop during the Winter Season.  Pauline owned and operated a craft shop for many years before her "retirement" to the Salome area.  She directed and advised oil painting classes at Desert Palms for nearly 10 years after which she established a gourd carving and painting program that is in high demand at our Hobby Shop.  Pauline has trained some of her very first gourd carving students as teachers capable of instructing new students which frees her to concentrate on advising intermediate students and developing new techniques and programs for all gourd carvers at our Hobby Shop.  Gourd carving classes necessarily have an upper limit on students, are popular, and are usually booked months in advance, although there can always be cancellations that open up opportunities for new tenants. 

Gourd Carvers.jpg


Trinet Weatherston has been offering knowledgeable guidance and helpful assistance to an increasing number of people interested in stained glass.  Desert Palms plans to respond to what appears to be an increasing number of people interested in creating stained glass artworks by activating a separate workspace for the season starting the Fall 2019 where stained glass materials and working tools can be left for extended periods of time.  The pictures show interested residents working on a stained glass project and the final product of her effort. 

glass cat.jpg

Acrylic Painting


Acrylic Painting, hosted by Lydia Moneysmith, has become a favorite craft at Desert Palms.  Some examples of work done by residents new to the craft are shown below.

Acrylic 4 - Copy.jpg
Acrylic 1 - Copy.jpg
Acrylic 2 (2).jpg
Acrylic Painting.jpg

Fitness Center


The entire floor of the Desert Palms Fitness Center is covered with 3/8" composite rubber matting to absorb shock and reduce the impact on the joints of residents using the Fitness Center. A four foot wide tan-colored track around the inside of the building can be seen in the photos which can also be part of an individual's cardio training. Thirty three times around this track is the equivalent of a mile.


The photo at the lower left shows the east side of the Fitness Center which is populated with two spin (bicycle) machines, two elliptical trainers, and two commercial quality treadmills for individual cardiovascular workouts.  This photo also shows a Vectra multipurpose resistance training machine that has 25 different exercise options. Less visible in this photo are a Total Gym rowing machine with its own set of exercises, an abs/thigh development machine, and a variety of dumbbells for resistance/weight training.

The photo at the right shows the west side of the Fitness Center where video-guided group cardio workouts, stretching routines, and mindfulness training are presented. These video-directed sessions are offered on a predetermined schedule five days a week during the winter season. 

Fitness Center (2).jpg

Video-Led Workout in Fitness Center


Bingo Winner.jpg

Bingo has been popular with a great number of Desert Palms residents over an enduring period of time.  The new display board and ball blowing machine in use were purchased and delivered in time for the winter season. The picture shows players recording their status using daubers on paper sheets.  Desert Palms has never received  payments from Bingo revenue and donates expenses of running the clubhouse free of charge to the activity.  All labor to setup and run the games is donated by volunteers.  All entrance fees paid by players are returned to players in the form of Bingo game prizes after the minor cost of score-sheets and other small supplies are funded.   All entry fees except costs for Bingo supplies are returned as prizes to happy Desert Palms Bingo players.


We have more than 4,000 books in our library, most of which are fiction.  That's 35 five-shelf bookcases of books that includes romance novels, westerns, crime drama, adventure, and harlequin.  Current NY Times best selling authors and titles are on our shelves.  Some people like the smaller size of paperback books so we maintain a large number of paperback offerings.  We also have nearly a thousand hardbacks for folks who prefer larger type and generous line spacing not possible in paperback versions.  A growing non-fiction section features the usual self-help, menu planning, biographies, etc. The library is also home to a free-use computer connected to the internet, a printer, and a large screen TV used mainly for for news and sports programs.  Our puzzle section offers lots of variety for puzzle enthusiasts and the library also has a variety of board and card games waiting for groups to play them.  Desert Palms residents have free access to our library with the suggestion that borrowed books be returned or substitutes be donated to our library in place of a book not completed before departure.


Line Dancing is a popular activity in many social gatherings and has been part of the range of activities offered at Desert Palms for many years. This video is one of our practice sessions that prepare our dancers for line dance performances given by the group throughout the winter season. 


Desert Palms has two pool tables available for casual play and for skill sharpening in preparation for weekly pool tournaments hosted during the winter season."  I plan to update this photo with a picture taken of the two tables in operation during a weekly pool tournament. 

Billiards Tourney (2).jpg


Various card games seem to be the hands-down favorite among the guests here at Desert Palms. Card games can be great fun in a group, but can also be easily played with just two or more people. Hand n Foot, Poker, Pinochle, Texas Hold'em, Cribbage, Mexican Train, Bunco, and Po-keno are amoung the popular games.



Desert Palms has a retired permanent resident who maintains her status as a "Certified Massage Therapist." She keeps up with current trends and practices her skills during the winter season at rates very favorable to clients. Specialized areas of expertise include Deep Tissue, Swedish, SMRT, Cranial, Sacral, Reflexology, and Healing Touch.